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N1A High Resolution Digital Library…. 

Stereophile Class A retail: $2000

A level of transparency is in another league to that I have encountered with streaming servers in the past, it’s one of those rare components that makes you feel as if the truth is within your grasp. The mythical absolute sound is just a whisker away!

"The Melco N1A Buffaloed my combination of MacBook Pro and Synology NAS. It destroyed them, embarrassed them, gave them a good schooling. Music sounded obviously—frighteningly—more refined, more spacious, and more natural through the N1A. End of story. I can't imagine anyone in this universe who does nothing else while listening to music making the same comparison and not hearing this difference."

When you are looking for a way to comfortably manage your collection of digital music, enjoy it with the best sound quality possible and without the need to mess around with computers in your scarce spare time, the Melco N1A is just what you need
The N1A will always bring out the best in your components. not by changing their characteristic sound, but by elevating it to a new, better level and subtly adding a splash of refinement.
Positive feedback Dirk Sommer

There is no doubt in my mind:  Even in the age of digital music, streaming good sound still starts at the source. If you thought all kinds of storage sound the same because it's digital, the Melco N1A will make you think again. It combines NAS functionality, ease-of-use, and sound quality in a truly impressive way!

If you are seriously into music streaming have a close look at the Melco N1A. It is a great all-in-one solution to store and manage your music files, and it will bring out the best sound our system has to offer.  Jon Myles. Hi Fi World
The Melco N lA is a truly impressive piece of equipment for anyone looking to house their music collection in one place. Bags of storage, simple to operate yet, possessed of a gorgeous sound it comes unreservedly recommended. Astonishing!

Simply put, this is a bulletproof means of sending content to a USB DAC. AV forum.


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