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Nola Loudspeakers

We are pleased to offer the Nola Loudspeakers. At the high end of the spectrum Nola makes the outrageous Grand Reference IV, Harry Pearsons reference speakers. For those with smaller budgets there is the Viper Series that will suit most room environments and budgets. The Vipers an extended front baffle that allows both the tweeter and the midrange to breath. This open baffle eliminates any boxy sound plus it allows the music to be released to the rear of the room for added realism and a more spacious sound. Their focus is very tight, the imaging is exemplary and the tonal quality is spot on. The sealed woofer/woofers provide deep, accurate, fast and tuneful base. In a word you really feel like you are at a live performance.


Viper Reference

The Viper Reference speakers offer tons of musical enjoyment. The two 220mm cast- magnesium bass drivers are the same as those in the Nola Grand Reference. The midrange is cast-frame with 110mm Alnico magnet. The sweet high end is provided using a soft dome twin Alnico magnet metal dome tweeter. A completely separate crossover with Nordost Valhalla Monofiliment wires connecting the crossover to the speakers. Include in the price!!!! Totally grain free, yet extremely transparent with spacious sound. Sound staging in spades and plenty of satisfying bass.


Viper IIA

The Viper IIA uses two 220mm cast-frame drivers with aluminum cones. Crossed over with lots of head room to make sure these drives reproduce crystal clear fast bass. Each drive is in separate and slightly different sized enclosures to avoid distortion. This is experience drawn from the Nola Grand Reference. The 110mm cone midrange developed for the much more expensive Nola Pegasus speakers features a cast-frame with tri-laminated cone and of course the more expensive Alnico magnets. The highs are reproduced using a 25mm magnesium/aluminum dipole dome drive. There is no separate tweeter facing the rear to ruin the cohesive sound.



Viper IA

The Viper IA again uses technology from the Pegasis and the Grand Reference speakers. These feature a single cast-frame aluminum cone woofer. They feature the same midrange as the Viper IIA without the alnico magnet, plus upgrade crossover. Beautify natural Cherry Wood Cabinets. These are spectacular speakers at this price range.



The Mini uses a newly developed 6 ½-inch bass/midrange driver in a 16 liter front ported enclosure. Low distortion, smooth sounding with extended high end and ample bass to 55Hz. Wonder little monitors.




























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