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The Wilson Benesch Cardinal 

“The Wilson Benesch Cardinal is as impressive from a sonic perspective as it is in pure engineering terms – and that's really saying something. Here we have a product where innovation and execution are perfectly in accord with purpose”

- Roy Gregory, Cardinal Review, HIFI+


The Geometry Series Cardinal Loudspeaker. Read and see more at Wilson-Benesch.com.


The Wide Bandwidth Series Limited Edition C-60

The A.C.T. C60 Limited Edition from Wilson Benesch, where passion and technology meet. Designed without compromise this unique 61 pair Limited Edition puts the listener in the front row like no loudspeaker product before it.

The A.C.T. C.60 Limited Edition is a pure thoroughbred. Building upon the C60, the LE design offers the Wilson Benesch owner the ultimate in prestige. Each pair meticulously built by hand, finished in one of our LE finishes, complete with a LE Serial Plate.

A culmination of all our research, the evolution of the A.C.T. lineage continues. The original A.C.T One showed the world a fresh approach to loudspeaker development revolutionizing both design and manufacturing techniques with the C60 we stride ahead once more transporting the music lover in to the heart of the recording; you hear only what the artist intended, nothing superfluous is added and no detail is lost.

When combined with the Torus, the A.C.T. C60 system is quite formidable, one that will sincerely reproduce the ambisonics of the church and the transient response of timpani like no other loudspeaker.

"Right now are you considering buying a new car? Perhaps a nice Mercedes Benz C Class, VW Passat or a noble BMW 5-Series? Forget it! My advice would be to consider a car that costs a fraction of the amount. Why? Because you will need the money for a pair of speakers that are driving everybody crazy at the moment! Be it your colleagues from work, audiophiles from the heart of the HiFi industry, even an Acoustic Engineer. The point remains, they all pay homage to the speaker of British manufacturer Wilson Benesch, the A.C.T. C 60 Limited Edition.

Matthais Bode, Stereo Magazine, 2010, Germany

$26,950.00 usd.


Torus Infrasonic Generator and Torus Amplifier

In a nutshell the 18" diaphragm operates in push pull. Where the diaphragm of a typical subwoofers is brought back to the neutral position by a stiff suspension, the Torus diaphragm operates in push pull like electrostatic speakers. That is why they it is so much faster and why it has been called "the most accurate subwoofer of all times" by Stereoplay. No high end system can be called complete without one.

Torus Infrasonic Generator and 200 Watt Amp/Crossover Retail $10,300.

Jonathan Valin, AV Guide online, comments on the Torus below. Click here to read


The New Geometry Series from Wilson Benesch.

Craig Milnes, designer/director at Wilson Benesch has done it again. Genius in design and execution resulting in sound so pure and true to the performance that you will swear it is live music. The new stand mount Vertex, and the new floor standing Vector

These revolutionary speakers incorporate new technology that allows them to do away with complex interior bracing adding much more air volume inside. Due to the shape and strength of the shell interior volume is greatly increased. The shell offers a high levels of mutual self damping and these speakers exhibit one of the lowest signal to noise ratios in the world.

The lovely soft dome tweeter that Wilson Benesch has been using for years has been improved to offer more extended frequency response at the top end. This tweeter design was arrived at after extensive evaluation of the world's best technologies including the remarkable Sphere from Murata that Wilson Benesch uses in the Trinity and the A.C.T. C-60.

Vector Floor Standing Loudspeaker for standard finish: Silver, Black or Titanium Retail $14,500.00. Add $870. 00 for Wood Finish

Vertex Stand Mounted Loudspeaker for standard finish: Silver, Black or Titanium Retail $8,360.00. Add $455.00 for Wood Finish


The A.C.T.

These speakers should be compared to the most expensive Khama's and Martens' and the Hanson's speakers. Their cabinets are more advance then any of the above; they include multi alloy front baffle, metal bracing an extremely strong and ridged Carbon Fiber shell. Tactic advanced dynamic drive unit technology and Advanced Composite Technology cabinet construction. These speakers are used as a Reference System by the largest audio journal in the UK. Little wonder. The sound will be as good as your electronics.

In a Stereophile, review, excerpts below, John Marks accurately describes the A.C.T's.

"The hallmarks of Wilson benesch's "house sound" are extremely low distortion, seamless coherence, unfussy easefulness, rounded liquidity of tone, articulate dynamics and soundstaging. I think there are five major technical factors that contribute to making all these benefits possible.

· Carbon fiber's combination of low mass, high rigidity, and high self-damping results in an enclosure that contributes very little degradation in terms of time smear or ringing.

· In addition to enhancing rididity, the cabinet"s sloping top and curved shape reduce diffraction effects and make room placement less critical.

· The use of nearly identical driverrs for the bass and bass-midrange-which makes the A.C.T. a 2.5-way design rather than a three-way-would seem to make dispersion more uniform(or, more precisely, make the rate of change of dispersion ore uniform), and the transition between those tow drivers harder to perceive..

· Closely related to that, the A.C.T.'s crossover is very simple, aiming for the least possible compromise of phase integration...

The A.C.T. One was the most strikingly elegant loudspeaker I have ever seen. Simply Beautiful...

The new Wilson benesch A.C.T., although quite reminiscent of its predecessors, reached a new level of magical oranicity and seductive coherence.

Their sonic presentation embodied near-electostatic clarity of detail without ever sounding etched, tipped-up, harsh, or in any way unmusical.."

Retail price: $ 17,250. Add $1,400 for wood options.


The Curve

The Curves represent Wilson benesch's most affordable floor-standing loudspeaker. These speakers represent an amazing value; they are tailored for music lovers. They take full advantage of the amazing sonic qualities of Carbon fiber composite technology. Low resonance with quick release of stored back waves which make the cabinets almost disappear and produce a large sound stage both sideways and with front to back layering. They are very relaxed (not laid back) but also very involving. They are only 36" tall with a 9" X 12" footprint and gorgeous look that will easily fit into any living environment. 5 stars on the wife factor and with a great selection of finishes.

Doug Schroeder at www.dagogo.com gives a perfect description of the Curves.

"Truly high performance machines are not for everyone. They have particular characteristics, which set them apart, and as such they appeal to a select group of people. So it is with the Curve speakers, which are capable of thrills and excitement. They are taut, racy things which pound the acoustic pavement with sure-footedness. For their dimensions, they produce prodigious bass. They are not a detail-phile's dream, but rather a sophisticated music lover's object of desire, playable at obnoxious levels without a care for quiet. They are dark and swift, smooth and seductive. They have drop dead looks and never-say-die listen ability. If this is what you're looking for, you've found your super-speaker."

"My mind normally associates fast with bright, dark with slow. Maybe that's the result of knowing light f"rom the sun travels at miles per second, and that we get groggy and sleep at night. Dark and fast seem oxymoronic in audiophile terms. But that's what I ultimately characterize the Curves as dark-, rich-, deep-, smooth-sounding speakers which are blazingly quick. One almost needs powerful, sharp edged electronics to push them to their limits. Throw the most powerful solid-state amps at them and they'll love you. If you consider tube components, do not skimp on the horsepower since the Curves sound their most exciting with it."

Doug Schroeder at www.dagogo.com



The Trinity Speakers represent a very ambitious attempt to produce the highest level of performance. They can easily stand on their own or they can be mated with the Torus for the most linear response available. The Trinity's utilize a newly designed midrange/woofer with no crossover and huge extension, from 40Hz to 5000kHz. The soft dome tweeter picks it up from there and then hands off to the Trinity's amazing super tweeter. This super tweeter actually pulses, almost instantaneously, to extend the frequency all the way to 100 KHz. You will be fully aware of these high frequencies as they are perceived if not heard. The cabinet is made from a sandwich of two layers of carbon fiber for extreme rigidity. The results are amazing. The Trinity's possess the ability to convince the listener they are at a live performance, and allow the listener to relax and connect to the music. Voices and instruments sound completely real and life like. I have not heard a speaker that will image as well plus they completely disappear. They have a rich textured and layering to the sound.

Retail $10,450. Wood finish is extra. 


The Arc

The ARC is a stunning product both visually and sonically, fabricated from Carbon Fiber wrapped over metal to achieve strengths greater than steel and much less stored energy that glue filled MDF. What HI FI says: "The very best of Wilson benesch speaker magic in a pint-pot design, the ARC's are truly a stunning achievement. Detail resolution, dynamics, composure: stunning build and finish." Complete with custom stands that allow for the two downward firing silent ports.

Retail price with stands: $5,450 Add $350 for wood options.





"I think the Torus might be the answer for folks with 'stats or planars'. It is certainly the fastest subwoofer I've ever heard-and I spent 10 years trying, unsuccessfully, to mate subs with bass-shy 'stats. This is something you will have to hear for yourself, of course, but I think it means something when a sub-hater like me gets enthused. (Frankly, I am sick of audio writers recommending subs as cure-alls for fast high-quality speakers that lack really deep end. It sometimes makes me wonder if these reviewers can hear; I just don't think it's possible to miss all that gets traded off when you add a sub to a very fast, very flat, very low-distortion main speaker, even if you do so at a very low crossover point. But...the Torus is different.

As I said in my original post, it combines the flat frequency response, transient speed, and low-distortion of a first-rate small-diameter driver with the air-moving power of a huge-diameter driver.)" Jonathan Valin AV Guide on line.

The speed at which sound travels is defined by the medium through which the waves are passing, and is often quoted as a fundamental property of the material. In general, the speed of sound is proportional to the square root of the ratio of the elastic modulus (stiffness) of the medium to its density.

CORK 400
LEAD 1158
WATER 1433
GOLD 3240
WOOD 3300
BRASS 3475
GLASS 3962
BRICK 4176
IRON 5130
PYREX 5640
STEEL 6100

A Carbon fibre matrix has one of the highest ratios known to man being supremely stiff and of a very low density. This is one of the blocking structures that is disposed either side of the core.The woven carbon can be seen to exhibit small bundles of fabric each containing typically 5,000 fibres. The image below shows A 6 µm diameter carbon filament compared to a human hair. Within one layer of carbon there are billions of boundaries each of which plays its part in converting resonant energy to heat

























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